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JIAZHOU® turf supply the best artificial turf for sports and landscape purposes, including sports clubs, government bodies, schools, universities and households.

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China Artificial Turf Factory

Wuxi Jiazhou Artificial Turf Co., Ltd. ("Jiazhou®") founded in 2004 is a manufacturer specializing in artificial lawns production field. Jiazhou artificial grass products have been widely used in various kinds of domestic track and field fields, gymnasiums, multi-functional playgrounds, football courts, tennis courts and kindergartens, and have been sold well in global countries.

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Under the condition of guaranteeing cost, we try our best to give more preferential treatment to customers, create value for users and create profits for customers.

Full-Stack Supplier

The company can not only provide better artificial lawn solutions, but also design, construct and maintain the site, providing you with comprehensive and integrated system services.


The use of Jiazhou artificial lawn can quickly complete the site laying and save time. At the same time, we also provide more and more convenient services.

Manufacturing process

Artificial Grass Fabrication Process

Synthetic grass fabrication process of the Chinese Landscape Artificial Grass, Sport Artificial Grass and Economic Fence Grass

1Yarn-Extruding fake grass manufacturing process


2Wire-drawing fake grass manufacturing process


3Combing-Strands artificial grass manufacturing process


4Twisting-Yarn artificial grass manufacturing process


5Hanging-Yarn artificial grass manufacturing process


6Tufting artificial grass manufacturing process


7Weaving-silk artificial grass manufacturing process


8Coating artificial grass manufacturing process


9Drying-channel artificial grass manufacturing process


10Punching-Holes artificial grass manufacturing process


11Finish-Production artificial grass manufacturing process


12Packaging artificial grass manufacturing process


Synthetic grass Certtification

What they say

Artificial Turf ECM CE Certification

Artificial Turf  CE Certification

Artificial Turf SVHC Test report

Artificial Turf SVHC Test report

GB/T 5455-2014 Textiles Burning behaviour

GB/T 5455-2014 Burning Test Report

artificial grass fifa labosport

Artificial grass FIFA Labosport Test

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